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'Green' house able to receive city rebates

A house in the Woodlands Edge subdivision has been built entirely with green technology, and the homeowners will be able to get up to $1,500 in rebates from the City of Little Rock from their green incentive program.

In April 2010, the City of Little Rock received $65,000 as part of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant from the United States Department of Energy.  This money will be used to fund rebates for energy certification fees for homes and businesses being built that are rated Energy Star or higher.

Richard Harp Homes worked with landscape architects to position the home around trees that were already on the lot, as well as facing the home to maximize potential for sun.

“ The heating and cooling was engineered using the mass of the house,” builder Richard Harp said.

Harp also said they used materials within 500 miles of the area, as well as hybrid insulation and LED lighting.

“There are no solar panels on the roof,” H